Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatuh 
warm greeting from Surabaya, 
Ladies Brothers business professionals that I respect, 
business activity is unavoidable of human life, even becoming a very important part. Voltaire, a French philosopher, even states that the business is the salt of life (business is the salt of life). That without it, the world will be like losing flavor. Yet our educational curriculum, not early to teach business education. Although there are learning economy, its still just memorizing and not run into or applying it. It makes business sense honed still lacking, despite having had to go into business.
Master of Management FEB UNAIR present not only to hone their sense of business from the professionals, but also grind it into a leader yangmampu berstrategi with cognitive strong foundation in the international business arena. Ability to apply theories and concepts in business practices, with the innovative. Shaping Innovative Leaders. Being able to deal with change, and even become part of the change. Leaders established by MM FEB UNAIR also expected to act according to the rules of moral conduct that apply. As a form of application of Excellence with Morality. 
May God bless us all the good intentions, making business into a challenging activity and happy ... Aamiin 

Dr. Gancar C. Premananto

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