Pengaruh Tuntutan Pekerjaan (Job Demand), Dukungan Organisasi (Perceived Organizational Support), dan Dukungan Supervisor (Perceived Supervisor Support) Terhadap Stres Kerja dan Implikasinya Pada Kinerja Perawat di RSI Masyithoh

Samsul Bakri
Dosen Pembimbing
Dr.Praptini Yulianti,M.Si.


Nurse job can cause stress by excessive workload and frequently interact with
patients, and confront interpersonal problems with other medical staff. Increasing nurse
job demands also increase workload, thereby triggering negative emotions or feelings,
and thus resulting in increased work stress. To reduce work stress, nurses need to get
organizational support both materially and emotionally to lower working pressure. In
addition, supervisor support is also needed to reduce work stress, because the
supervisor can set the appropriate structural work, set goals, help problem solving, give
social and material support, and provide feedback, so that ambiguity and uncertainty
becomes lower. If the work stress can not be managed properly, the stress levels will
be higher, so that nurses become unhealthy, unmotivated, low productivity and become
careless in the workplace.
The research objective was to examine the effect of job demands, perceived
organizational support, and perceived supervisor support on work stress, and the effect
of work stress on nurse performance. Respondents were nurses in RSI Masyithoh,
bangil. The analysis to test the research hypothesis use Partial Least Square (PLS).
The results showed that job demands have positive significant effect on work
stress, while the organizational support and supervisor support have significant
negative effect on work stress. Moreover work stress have significant negative effect
on nurse performance. The analysis showed that job demands are high, while work
stress is quite high, but can be offset by the organization support and supervisor support
that also high, so the nurse performance level can still be high.

Keywords : job demand, perceived organizational support,
perceived supervisor support, work stres, nurse performance.

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