Ridhan Fadhlur Rahman
Dosen Pembimbing
Dr.Masmira Kurniawati,SE.,Msi.


Rebranding is a marketing theme that emphasizes the re-forming of brands with the aim of improving the image and creating a better brand image.PT. BRI Life Insurance was officially acquired by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia tbk in December 2015. This change of ownership resulted in a decision taken by BRI Life management to conduct corporate rebranding in the company. Companies that fail to implement corporate rebranding are due to only part of the corporate rebranding process. According to Moisescu (2011) there are special requirements that must be met before rebranding because rebranding without changing other aspects (value, position, product, promotion, campaign) is futile involving adoption, communication, new values and repositioning new products (Moisescu,
2011). In this study, the researcher wanted to know more about the process of doing corporate rebranding at PT. BRI Life Insurance at the Surabaya Regional office and conducting an evaluation after the process of corporate rebranding.
The method used is qualitative descriptive exploratory approach. Thematic analysis is used as a basis for qualitative research analysis. Researchers also use triangulation techniques as a technique to check the validity of data.
The findings based on the information provided by the informant is there are several processes including process analyzes the driving factors causing corporate rebranding done at PT. BRI Life Insurance. The second is planning that results in a rebranding decision made up of logos, brand names, company names and slogans. This decision was taken by an external party that BRI Bank Management as a holding company that mengisntruksikan to enter the name of an existing brand that is of BRI. The goal of corporate rebranding is to strengthen the company's name, improve competitiveness, simplify the sales force team in marketing and gain customer confidence. The third is the implementation carried out by PT. BRI Life Insurance in releasing new brand names by way of press conferences to invited mass media, issuing Decree (SK) of the Board of Directors regarding new names, logos and slogans. Besides BRI Life also released a short film on youtube chanel company that intended as promotional material as well as educate the entire community about the importance of insurance. The last is the evaluation stage conducted in the Surabaya regional office to the external parties of the customer as well as internal sales force. The results of the evaluations that have been done are corpoarate rebranding positive influence on the new brand image and a gross premium income rose following the corporate rebranding process.

Keywords : corporate rebranding, rebranding, brand, brand image.

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