FEB Unair and Universitas Pertamina to hold international conference on management

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  • Posted 28 Mei 2019
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UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – Universitas Airlangga and Universitas Pertamina are going to hold a Management International Conference in June, Asia Academy of Management (AAOM) 2019. The agreement on that prestigious Association of Management (AoM) conference was marked with an MoU signing session on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, at Vice Rector III UNAIR office, Management Office Building Campus C.

Vice Rector III Universitas Airlangga Prof. Ir. Moch. Amin Alamsjah, M.Si., Ph.D., and Vice Rector III Universitas Pertamina Budi W. Soetjipto, Ph. D signed the agreement as well as discussed potential collaborations between both institutions, especially on community service.

The international conference will be an important event for both institutions as it involves academics of management from 23 countries, from Asia, Europe and America.

The Head of Committee from UNAIR is T. Aria Auliandri, M.Sc., said that in Management, AoM is one of the reputable global management organizations. AoM holds regular management international conference globally. This time, it is going to be held in Indonesia.

”This conference is held regularly every other year. From Indonesia, there are 46 authors to submit their papers,” he said.

There are six papers to be submitted from UNAIR. The appointment of UNAIR as co-host is important as it is in line with the target of UNAIR internationalization.

”One of the positive impacts is about networking. As academics, we will explore any opportunities for collaborations in various fields, especially in management science,” he said.

Responding to Aria’s statement, Vice Rector III Universitas Pertamina Budi W. Soetjipto, Ph. D explained that the meeting was not only held to discuss AAOM 2019 conference but also to discuss potential collaborations between both institutions.

”This MoU (AAOM 2019 collaboration, ed) is actually related to a conference to be held in Bali on June 19-23, 2019. We (UNAIR and Universitas Pertamina, ed) will host it together. So this meeting is held to discuss the details,” he said.

Inter-field Collaborations

Budi explained that the meeting has resulted in some agreements for future collaborations. They were adjusted with the characteristics of the universities. UNAIR excels in the health science while Universitas Pertamina in some programs of engineering.

”From the meeting, we agreed on some collaborations in the future, related to community service,” he stated.

”UNAIR has Faculty of Medicine, we haven’t. However, we have a hospital. That’s where our collaborations will be aimed at,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Prof Amin, Vice Rector III UNAIR said that UNAIR is always open to collaboration which brings quality improvement to the university.

” So, this is a collaboration related to a conference. There will be an international conference of management,” he stated.

” Therefore, we (UNAIR and Universitas Pertamina, ed) also explore any other future collaborations,” he added.

Prof. Amin said that there are potential collaborations in community service sector, in the form of thematic Community Service Programs (KKN) for students. There was also a discussion on possible cooperation with partners of Pertamina.

”We also discussed fast track programs. Hopefully, there will be significant follow-ups,” he stated.

In the end, Prof. Amin said that the collaborations will improve the university, especially to contribute and play a major role to develop the nation. (*)

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